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Welcome to BeautyJana costume jewellery catalogue | E-SHOP

Dear customers.
Welcome to BeautyJana costume jewellery catalogue and wish you good choice among our accessory beauty. We offer our customers material diversity and ability to create patterns according to customers’ needs. We believe that our effort helps you to create your own image.

We would like to introduce ourselves as costume jewellery producer coming from Jablonec region (situated in northern part of the Czech Republic), which is known worldwide for wide pearls assortment and costume jewellery made of these pearls. Manufacture tradition and rich experience enable us to produce very wide assortment of costume jewellery daily or nightly use in very high quality. We offer necklaces, chains, wristlets (bracelets), earings, belts, rings, hair decorations, and artificial flowers.

There can be found many kinds of pearls in different colours, mainly in two or three colour shades (light, medium, dark) and of various sizes in our catalogue. Our customers can find here also a sample book of costume jewellery ready to sell.

We design our own jewellery patterns. These patterns are made of metal, other decorative material, and other accessories. New patterns are regularly displayed on BeautyJana websites. Mostly BeautyJana design sets of belts, necklaces, wristlets, earings etc. It is also possible to order only one part of the set.

Customers can employ their imaginativeness and design their own jewellery made of different materials, shapes and colours. We are able to make original model when costumer specifies material, pearl kind, size, amount, and other particularities (e.g. length when it is relevant) or adjust a chosen model from our catalogue to meet individual customer’s wishes. This original jewellery made according to customer’s wishes can be marked as one original and cannot be sold to other customers, if the customer wishes.

Customers send their ideas in a form of specifications, drawings or photos. Then BeautyJana create photomodel. Photomodel together with price calculation is sent to customer for approval. Price of pearls is set according to kind, shape, and decoration. Price of certain jewellery is also determined by used material, demandingness, particularity and individuality. Final price is set when the order is confirmed. We are ready to extend our assortment to meet modern trends, which are changing every season. We are looking forward to cooperating with customers and representatives from fashion business.

Thank you very much for your interest and we are looking forward to our partnership.

Your BeautyJana
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